APW Brands, LLC. 

Iris Goldschmidt, certified ACDBE/
DBE operator
Successfully Operating in US Airports since 1997
In 1997, Iris Goldschmidt, the founder and CEO of APW Brands, opened her first technology concept, Airport Wireless.  She began selling wireless phones and accessories from a 90 square foot "RMU" Retail Merchandising Unit at the Philadelphia International Airport.  Today she proudly and personally oversees the management of all of the company's Airport retail locations.  With immeasurable expertise in retail management, purchasing and marketing, the APW team works together with it's partners to ensure that all locations are able to offer the latest and greatest to the traveling public.   
Iris Goldschmidt started selling phones when there were only a few models to choose from. 
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An efficient and enjoyable shopping experience is of paramount importance to our customers.

Iris Goldschmidt
Stores were created to meet the demand for the latest high technology brands under one roof.

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We partnered with APW Brands because of their keen ability to focus on customer care.

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We are a traveler's dream, completely hands-on. A touch it, feel it concept.
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APW Brands is a family run business with a long history of innovation.
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The Team
Today, Iris Goldschmidt along with her Executive team and operational employees operates approximately 40 Airport Retail stores along with it's partners.  
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At APW Brands, LLC., we make it a priority to work alongside vendors across our segments, both small and large.  We take pride in showcasing the latest and greatest in product offerings, focusing on quality and the "cool factor" not just the well established brands.  To be considered as one of our world class vendors, please email Miguel@APWBrands.com